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Yoga Is....

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. Yoga works on the mind too. It's a type of therapy, a moving meditation.

Some days we are happy and bright and we work on the superficial stuff like the postures and how deep we can enter a posture.

Other days we feel dark and heavy and we work on the internal stuff, the emotions that come up, some we may not of even known was there, and some that may have been holding us back for a while.

That's when the real work starts. We may feel anger, sadness, anxiety, maybe even a few tears surface. Those days we work through the emotions by doing our practice.

This is a good thing, this is when we have our breakthroughs. It's when we open our heart and the emotions we've been holding onto flow out so we can release them.

In these moments, its important to sit with the emotions and worth through them so we can heal. Just like when we are uncomfortable in a posture and we work through that by staying and knowing the discomfort will pass, we must do the same when the uncomfortable emotions come up.

It's ok to have these emotions. It's only when we truly feel them that we can release them and let them go. Yoga makes us face these emotions and release them so we can heal and grow into the best versions of ourselves. Healing is messy work, but it's necessary.

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