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Our Reiki sessions offer healing for physical pain and emotional distress, promoting inner peace and faster healing through energy balancing.


Perfect for women seeking to experience Reiki healing and are ready to promote overall well-being through energy healing.


  • Oracle card reading

  • A full-body Chakra scan

  • Guided Reiki meditation

  • Chakra alignment and balancing of your overall energy field

  • Cutting of negative energy cords

  • Affirmations and techniques to maintain aligned and open Chakras and energy field.

Price: 60 Minutes - $85

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Reiki Coaching

Are you looking for a way to heal from emotional blockages and trauma caused by past abusive relationships, miscarriages, and fertility issues? Look no further! Our 1:1 Reiki coaching program is tailored specifically for individuals like you.

Our program includes:

  • 4 one-hour 1:1 Reiki healing sessions with a Reiki Master

  • Customized chakra alignment to balance your energy and promote healing

  • Guided Reiki meditations to help you relax and focus on healing

  • Affirmations and tools to assist in your healing journey in between sessions.

Don't let past experiences continue to hold you back. Take the first step towards healing and sign up for our Reiki coaching program today.

Price: $500

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