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Toxic Relationships

Toxic/abusive relationships are hard.

They don't start out that way so you get sucked into the lie, hoping one day the nice guy you thought you were with will return, but they don't, they only get worse and one day you finally make the brave decision to leave.

Even though it's the right choice, it still hurts and will leave you broken and scarred. I know first hand.

This is why it's so important to work on healing after you leave one of these types of relationships.

Seeing a therapist can be super important.

Something else that can be helpful is getting Reiki to help restore, align, and reset your energy.

This is why I created my Reiki Coaching package to help women like myself - who've gotten out of toxic relationships - heal your mind, your energy, and regain your power over your life.

Your not alone. I'm here to help. You are powerful, safe, and loved.

Start your healing journey today. Grab your Reiki Coaching package here.

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