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Yoga Rut

Sometimes I get into a rut, and I make all sorts of excuses not to practice my yoga.

The longer I don't do my yoga the more symptoms start to arise. Pain, depression, anxiety, impostor syndrome, and much more. I start to feel like a failure, like if I can't even do my own practice how can I teach others or expect them to stay consistent in their practice.

Then I finally force myself to get back on my mat. I still have all the excuses and reasons why I don't want to get on my mat but somehow I push through and get there.

Eventually the anxiety starts to go away, the depression lifts, and I start to enjoy the practice rather then focus on all the reasons why I don't wanna do it. My joints pop, my muscles stretch and activate. Everything starts to feel good again. I stop focusing on my anxiety and just focus on my breath and how my body feels.

I realize that I'm only human. I struggle with things just like any one else would. Just because I'm a yoga teacher doesn't mean it's always easy for me to get on my mat and do my yoga. Even knowing the benefits it gives me I still have to force myself to do it some days.

At the end of my practice I feel grateful that I did it. My body and mind thank me for doing my practice. I feel calm, relaxed and peaceful. My muscles feel less tense, it almost feels like I've had a massage. I'm happy, all of my moodiness just disappears and it's harder to bring me to anger.

We tend to hold on to our stress, our tension, and our emotions in our bodies. If we don't move them and give them what they need, they will act out in the form of pain, tension, anxiety, moodiness, depression, etc.

Our bodies and our minds literally throw temper tantrums if we do not give them the movement they crave. So instead of looking at it like there is nothing you can do this is just how your body is, try moving it around, see if it doesn't just thank you afterwards. 😊


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