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Yoga Changed my Life

After being diagnosed with Endometriosis, Gastroparesis, 3 Bulging discs in my back, a neck injury, and Carpal Tunnel in both wrists, life started to feel a little hopeless. Pair that with being with an abusive partner and it was down right intolerable.

I tried everything I could to help ease the daily pain, and nausea. I tried medications, switching my diet, I stopped drinking, and went to 4 physical therapists. It helped a little but none of it made me feel normal again.

Eventually I got fired from my job for all the doctors appointments I had to go to, and I seriously considered giving up. I thought I'd just apply for social security disability and lay on my couch for the rest of my days.

People kept telling me to try yoga, and although I thought it was a stupid idea, I decided to give it a shot. Turns out what I thought I would hate, I actually liked. Even better the more classes I went to the stronger my back, neck, and wrists got which helped reduce my pain! And turns out moving makes your digestive system work which helped reduce my nausea as well! I was hooked.

That's when I decided to become a yoga teacher. While I was doing my teacher training, my partner at the time said "why are you spending so much time on your yoga instead of paying attention to me?" That's when I realized it was time to leave that relationship. Yoga had saved me yet again.

Yoga is such a powerful tool to have. It has changed my life in so many ways and saved me over and over again. It can do the same for you too if you let it friend! You'll never know if you don't try! 😏


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