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Where Breath goes, energy flows

Yoga is about focusing on your breath and paying attention to how the body and the mind feel.

The breath can be an indicator for when we are challenging our nervous system.

Yoga purposefully seeks to challenge the nervous system, and in the Yoga practice we learn to control our breath, which in turns allows us to control the nervous system and stay calm when we are uncomfortable and the brain is screaming at us.

With that being said, we tend to hold our breath in poses we find the most challenging, so in that moment it's important to take note of how the body is feeling and breathe through it.

If we can learn to control our breath, therefore controlling our nervous system in challenging postures within the Yoga practice, it makes it easier for us to control the nervous system through the breath in challenging everyday life situations.

This is how we apply what we do on the mat into our everyday lives.

*Side note if you're mind is screaming at you because you are experiencing intense pain within a joint while in a posture, please do not just breathe through that, that is a precursor to injury and its important to release the pose at that point and stop immediately.

Keep practicing my friend!😊❤️🙏


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