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What Is Ashtanga Yoga?

Fly like a yogi!

Ashtanga Yoga is the only yoga practice that allows you to literally "fly" during the practice.

It is harder and more demanding, but there are so many more benefits that come along with this practice! It asks you to do things you've never done before so you can challenge your nervous system and learn to control it.

It has a lot of jump throughs, jump backs, and jumping into poses.

It also has poses where you roll up from your back landing in the pose, and a transition pose where you roll backwards over your head - something that you may of done as a child!

This practice brings me right back to things I used to do as a kid and allows me to play in my yoga practice as an adult!

It increases our strength and flexibility far faster than any other yoga practice, and if you have a hard time laying still in savasana, this practice ensures that you will fully be able to enjoy that inner peace and quiet that savasana brings.

The great thing about this practice, just like any other yoga practice, is that you don't have to be flexible or strong to start, and there are many modifications to the poses to help you ease into them.


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