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What Happens During A Reiki Session

Wondering what happens in a Reiki session? Here's a run down of what you can expect:

At the beginning of the session I will ask if you've ever had a Reiki session before and if you know what Reiki is and what Chakras are. If you don't then I will explain what they are and how they work together to you.

Then I will ask you what you'd like healing for and we will set your intention for the session.

After that I will have you get comfortable on my Reiki table while I do a Chakra scan, and then we will discuss what I found; which chakras are open and which are closed and what that means.

Then I will do a card pull; either tarot or oracle- I will explain both and let you choose whichever feels best suited to you.

Then I will play some relaxing music and guide you through a 1/2 guided Reiki meditation, where I talk you through the first half and let you have your experience for the second half while I send you Reiki and place crystals on each of your Chakras.

After that is done I will bring you back to the room and we will discuss your experience and what I found, and I will give you some "homework" which is a list of affirmations and things you can do for each chakra that was blocked to help keep it open and continue to facilitate the healing.

After the session I will send everything we discussed to you in an email so you will have it to reference later.😊


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