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Hurt people, hurt people.

Trauma affects us so much more deeply then we think it does.

It creates walls that we build to keep people out.

It creates reactions that we have made to protect ourselves from reliving that trauma.

It affects the way we think, act, speak, our view of other people, and our view of the world.

Trauma rewires the brain so that when something triggers us, our brain goes into fight our flight mode in an effort to protect ourselves.

In trying to protect ourselves we may actually be lashing out and hurting others instead without realizing it or meaning to.

Trauma needs to be unpacked and healed to stop the cycle of hurting people.

Once we are out of the situation that caused the trauma we have to relearn so much.

We have to let go of the defense mechanisms that once kept us safe but now no longer serve a purpose.

We have to learn how to trust again, how to set boundaries, how to forgive what has happened to us and let go of it, and how to love ourselves again.

There is so much work to do to heal trauma,, but you don't have to do the work alone. I am here to help you my friend.

I offer a Reiki Coaching package to help you unpack and heal your Trauma through Reiki, coaching, card reading, understanding the emotions that come along with trauma and how to deal with them, affirmations, and so much more.

This package will help you to heal your Trauma and regain your power over your life.

You are sacred, you are protected, you are valued, and you are loved my friend!❤️❤️

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