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Spread The Love!

In today's society we have this notion that we can only love and give our whole heart to one person, to this ultimate "one" person out of billions of people on this planet that's made for us. It leaves a lot of people feeling like they have to hold back their love and put it on reserve for the one human they deem worthy of their love. And what do we see happening from that? A lot of sad lonely people longing to find someone to complete them so they can finally share the love inside them. - My friends, do you see how silly this all sounds!? We are all complete beings all on our own, we don't need anyone to complete us! We are all love! And this love we have in us should not be put on reserve for one person alone! We should share this love with everyone and everything! Spread our love as far and wide as we can! Love the strangers you see daily just as much as you love the people you know and see everyday! Love the people that are not so nice even harder, meanness stems from pain. Love the flowers, love the air around you, love the sky when gloomy and when it's blue! Fall in love with this moment! Love your friends and family, love everyone and everything with your whole heart! The only way we can find joy in our lives, and the only way we can drown out hate and negativity is through love! So live on love my friends! Love so deeply that you forget how to hate! ♥️♥️♥️

- All my love friends! Namaste!♥️🧘🙏🤗


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