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Leaving An Abusive Relationship


years ago I finally found the strength to leave an 8 year long abusive relationship.

It was one of the hardest things I've done, but also one of the best things I've done for myself.

The biggest obstacle that I encountered after leaving the relationship is something no one talks about: letting go of defense mechanisms I had from being in a toxic relationship for so long.

It took so long to trust myself again, to feel like I was worthy of love, and to feel like everything that went wrong actually wasn't my fault.

After I got with my husband I had to learn that I didn't need to yell to be heard, that my feelings were valid, and that he wasn't going to hurt me.

Reiki, plus a lot of coaching from my friends and husband, helped me work through those emotions and heal my inner wounds so I could feel whole again.

I know from experience that leaving an abusive relationship is no easy feat, and it's also not something you wanna talk about with just anyone.

If you have found the strength to leave an abusive relationship, let me be the first to say, I am so proud of you! You've done the hardest step, your free!

The next step you don't have to go through on your own friend. I am here to help you.

I have come up with a Reiki Coaching package to help guide you on your healing path so you can work through your emotions, heal your inner wounds, and feel whole again.

If this is something you think would be helpful for you, you can book your package here.

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