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Home Practice

If you practice at home, I 100 percent recommend filming your practice every now and then for 2 reasons.

1 is to see how far you've come in your practice. Often times when we practice every day we don't realize how far we've come since we first started. Seeing your progress will help to keep you motivated to keep going and give you a sense of accomplishment!

2 is to be able to check your alignment. During our practice our minds can be telling us yes queen your doing it 100 percent right don't change a thing! But when we look at our alignment in a video (or in a mirror) we can see where we may need some improvement to keep us from repetitive injury.

For instance sometimes my mind tells me that I'm doing a perfect forward fold, my spine is a straight as it can be, then I look at a video I recorded and realize that no actually I am still rounding my spine and need to work on elongating my spine rather then rounding to reach my head to my legs.

It's those subtle changes that can allow you to progress even further then your mind ever imagined!

Another thing that's super helpful if you practice at home, is to allow yourself to be guided by someone else every now and then, whether through zoom, YouTube, or a yoga channel subscription.

It can get super tedious being your own yoga teacher (even when you actually are a yoga teacher lol). Sometimes it's nice to just follow someone else's routine rather then to constantly be thinking about what to do next in your own.

If you don't know where to start, check out my Yoga channel!


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