Reiki + Meditation

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy based healing system, that assists your body in healing in a natural way, while also promoting stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki means "universal life energy", which refers to an unseen energy that animates all living things. This energy is also referred to as Chi, Prana, Biofield Energy, and many other names throughout various cultures. This energy naturally flows through all of us, however sometimes the energy paths get blocked causing us to experience illness, weakness, or pain. When the energy paths are blocked, Reiki sessions give your body gentle energy guided to the blockage points, to assist in clearing the blockages, releasing energy flows and allowing the body's own natural healing ability to work. This is because the Reiki energy works with the negative thoughts and feelings that have created the blockages, and replaces them with healthy thoughts and feelings, releasing the blockage!

During Reiki + Meditation sessions, we will start with a consultation where I will ask you about your history with meditation (Ex.: how often do you meditate, what type(s) of meditation are you familiar with, etc.), and we will discuss any new meditation techniques you would like to learn! During your meditation I will conduct a scan to discover any blockages you may have, then I will begin sending Reiki to these blockages using a hands on method to clear the blockages, allowing your body to return to a healthy state! I will also align/balance the Chakras, and place crystals on the body to help with the healing process! This practice is purely intuitive and aims to treat the root cause of the illness/pain.

Pricing options are:

$25 - 30 minute session

$50 - 60 minute session

$75 - 90 minute session

*Choose how long of a session you want at the time of booking.

**Pay online with paypal/debit/credit, or in person by cash or check.

***Must be booked at least 24 hours before the time of the lesson.


****For cancellations, please contact us at least 24 hours in advanced to avoid being charged.

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Located at a home studio in Manhattan, Kansas

Phone: 785-260-0794

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