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Our Reiki sessions offer healing for physical pain and emotional distress, promoting inner peace and faster healing through energy balancing.


Designed for women seeking the transformative benefits of Reiki healing, this session offers a holistic approach to enhance overall well-being through the power of energy healing. Experience a personalized oracle card reading, a thorough full-body Chakra scan, a guided Reiki meditation, precise Chakra alignment and balancing, the cutting of negative energy cords, and empowering techniques to maintain aligned and open Chakras and a vibrant energy field. Embrace the profound healing potential of Reiki and cultivate a renewed sense of balance, vitality, and harmony.

*In person session will be held in Manhattan, Kansas

Price: 60 Minutes - $100


Reiki I & II

Join us for a Reiki training certification course and learn the art of energy healing. Our courses are taught by a certified Reiki Master and are designed to provide a thorough understanding of the practice. You will learn how to channel energy to promote relaxation and facilitate healing, as well as how to use Reiki in your personal and professional life. Upon completion of the course, you will be certified as a Reiki practitioner, allowing you to share the benefits of this ancient practice with others. Sign up today and begin your journey as a Reiki practitioner.

*In person session will be held in Manhattan, Kansas

Price: $500


Reiki Masters

Are you a Reiki practitioner looking to deepen your knowledge and skills? Our Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master certification program is the perfect opportunity to take your practice to the next level. You'll learn advanced techniques for channeling and directing energy, as well as how to teach Reiki to others. Join us and become a Reiki Master, empowered to share the transformative power of this ancient practice with the world.

*Reiki I & II are required before taking this training course

*In person session will be held in Manhattan, Kansas

Price: $1045

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