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Originating from the Ojibwe Tribe, the legend for how dreamcatchers began goes as follows:


A grandmother watched patiently each day as a spider spun his web above her sleeping place until one day her grandson noticed the spider and tried to kill it. "Don't hurt him," She told the boy in a soft tone. When the grandosn left the spider thanked the woman for her protection and offered her a gift. "I will spin you a web that hangs between you and the moon so when you dream it will snare the bad thoughts and keep them form you." At this, the grandmother smiled and continued to watch the spider spin his web.


Dreamcatchers meanings:


The Hoop: Represents the circle of life.


The Web: Catches the bad dreams, keeping them from the dreamer.


The Beads: Represents the bad dreams that got trapped during the night.


The Feathers: Represents a soft ladder for the good dreams to slide down into the dreamers mind.


-For best results hang dreamcatcher in bedroom between window and bed.


- This dreamcatcher has been cleansed and blessed with Reiki.


*This dreamcatcher is 7 inches wide.

Purple/White/Pink Dreamcatcher


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