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This bracelet is made with 8mm gemstone beads.


Purple Pink Jade - Helps protect and regulate our Aura. Soothing Stone helps relieve anxiety and calm the nervous system. Brings good luck and establishes a life of Peace and harmony.

Azurite Malachite Quartz- Provides insight into all areas of life, promotes intuition, Stimulates Creativity dissolves impediments, and softens Cold intellectualism with love and comparison. Encourages action, enacts change, heals heartache, enhances creativity, increases fertility, and protects the Spirit healing Induces deep relaxation and a deep force that dissolves emotional trauma.

Dumortiente- Helps to bring calm, relaxation, and harmony, being extremely helpful in Situations where you need to reduce over-excited behavior and stubbornness. Supportive stone, it encourages Confidence and Standing up for oneself, whilst staying true to one's beliefs and feelings.

Grey Magnesile Turquiose- Can heal anxious thoughts and promote a sense of inner peace. Helpful for there. a frustrating amount of nervousness and stress, and Instills deep peace. Can promote dynamic and revolutionary ideas. Induces a positive attitude to life

This bracelet has been cleansed, charged, blessed, and infused with Reiki.

Anxiety Healer Bracelet


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