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Yogi Diet

Let's talk about that dreaded "D" word my friends!! - When I say the word diet, your mind probably goes to to food, right!? Food you should be eating, food you shouldn't be eating, and everything in between! - However, diet is not just about the food we consume! Our diet is also the thoughts we allow to enter our minds, the people we engage with, the music we listen to, the TV we watch, the books we read, the places we go, the things we do, the emotions we allow to control us, how we treat our body, and so on! We are the sum of all our experiences! - Everything we surround ourselves with has an impact on us mentally, physically, and emotionally! If we hang around negative people, watch terrible things happening on the news everyday, think negative thoughts about ourselves, don't exercise

or do yoga, don't feel safe in our home, and eat junk food all the time, then it is going to negatively affect our body, spirit, and emotions! We will feel stressed, angry, unsafe, or even physically ill, making us physically, mentally, and spiritually unhealthy! - On the other side of it, if we hang around people who are positive, feed ourselves positive thoughts everyday, do yoga and meditation practice, eat healthy foods, read uplifting books, and do things that make us feel happy and safe, then we are uplifting ourselves to a higher vibration, making it much easier to be happy and at peace! - Be mindful of what you put into your body, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally! Be conscious of how the things you do, think, and say either positively or negativity affect you! Make sure you feed your mind, body, and spirit with good things my friends!


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