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What we can gain from practicing yoga!

Are you ready to go out on a limb and do something different this year!? January is typically the month where we promise ourselves a new beginning, "new year new me", however what if instead of trying to do something like losing weight, we try to gain something!? What if we tried gaining inner peace and freedom from pain and suffering, or gaining a healthy lifestyle and a new way of seeing ourselves?? What if instead of getting smaller, we could grow into something bigger, something more, someone we can believe in? What if we became our own hero and worked on healing the inner child that's been neglected for so long? What if I told you all of this is possible through the simple act of practicing yoga!? Would you believe me? - I wouldn't have believed all of this could be true before I started my practice over 3 years ago, if you would of told me what a simple yoga practice would of done for me back then I probably would of laughed at you. However now that I've actually been practicing and gaining all the benefits yoga has to offer, I can tell you the list of things you gain only gets longer and longer the more you practice. Each practice peels back a new layer of yourself that you never knew existed, and you gain a little more peace of mind, patience, understanding, and so much more everytime you practice. Sure some days it can be a fight with the inner self about getting on the mat and practicing, however after practicing yoga I've never said to myself, "I wish I didn't do that."


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