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Take Time For Yourself!

What do you do when life gets overwhelming friends!? - For me I have to find a quite space and meditate, or do some chanting! If I haven't done my yoga practice that day then that is a must as well!! - My life gets super busy sometimes, so something I have learned to do is make time for myself, even just a little bit every single day! -

A lot of times it's hard to imagine how you can manage to make time for yourself when it seems there's just not enough time in the day to get everything done, however I would challenge you to change your thinking to how can I not make time for myself! - When we take the time we need for ourselves, we often realize that some of the things we are running around doing that's keeping us so busy are completely unnecessary!! After my yoga practice I'll often look back at my to do list and think, I don't have to even do half of this stuff! - This is how I stay my happy go lucky self. What do you do to take time for yourself friends!?

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