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Happiness lies within us

Yoga teaches us that true happiness is within us. We must not rely on external things for happiness, we must find the answer within ourselves, because happiness is within us. If you are searching for answers you will always be searching. - The goal in yoga is not to have pretty Instagram worthy poses, but to work on finding the happiness and peace that lives inside us all. It makes no difference if you can stand on your head if you don't have peace of mind, because without peace of mind there is no point. - Through yoga we have an opportunity to shed layers of who we think we are, and find who we really are, to align our soul and our mind to their true purposes. This of course can be scary, because we start to realize that we are not our jobs, we are not our skin color, we are not our gender, we are not our education level, there are so many things that we are not, but the beauty is in finding the one thing that we are, the one unexplainable, unchanging experience of oneness we all have waiting inside of us to be found. - Unfortunately for us this experience does not just happen over night with one yoga practice, or one meditation session, just like anything else it takes time, effort, and practice to make this discovery, to find this inner peace, happiness, and feeling of oneness. However every step we take in the right direction, every moment we spend going towards this inner experience is never a moment wasted, because that is who we truly are. - I cannot tell you who you are, or when you will find this inner happiness, peace, or feeling of oneness yourself, but I can help you find the tools you need to get there on your own, and I can guide you down a path that can be helpful for finding this inner experience, but the work that must be done to get there is your own.


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