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Feel Your Feelings Friends!

In order to heal we must feel. "The real irony of spiritual growth is that instead of it being some miraculous experience, it feels a lot more like going to pieces. If you are really willing to feel, you can create real changes in your life." - Sometimes we may feel like we've healed from something and then all of a sudden for seemingly no reason at all, the tears and pain come flooding back to us. That's perfectly ok! Healing isn't a linear thing It doesn't happen all at once. It's messy and uncomfortable and it takes a lot of time to heal fully. - Whenever those feelings rise back up it's important that we ask ourselves why we are feeling this way and really try to get to the bottom of our feelings. Doing this will help us better understand ourselves and our feelings, so we can heal and move towards our growth and our freedom. Do whatever you need to do to work through the pain - cry it out as long as you need to, write about it, talk to someone about it, do whatever you feel you need to do to get the feelings out! - If we try to suppress our feelings it will only push them deeper down inside of us keeping the pain there with us so we can't release it. So we must not suppress these feelings. We must learn from these feelings, we must grow through these feelings, and we must feel these feelings in order to really heal. It can be really hard and unpleasant to work through these feelings, but trust me you will feel a lot better once you do! - This is part of the inner work that yoga and meditation asks us to do. We must accept the apologies that we never received and most importantly, we must forgive ourselves and accept ourselves for the people we are deep down inside. -



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