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Favorite Quote

In my yoga classes I always like to say a quote at the end of practice. This particular quotes is one of my favorites because it reminds us to create that space between a stimulus and our reaction so that we can keep the inner peace inside us and not let the world bring anger or hatred out of us!

- Each time we respond to something instead of reacting to it, we are growing a little more, and more, having a little "waking up" each time, wiping off the cloudy glass through which we see little by little so we can move towards our freedom, and find our peace! - This is why we take the time to practice yoga and meditation! These practices are our tools we use to help rebuild and transform ourselves so that we can handle life better, and find and keep our inner peace, even in the face of chaos! - What is one of your favorite quotes friends!? What does this quote mean to you!?😊♥️


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