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All We Need Is Love!

As I was doing the Fall Small Shops event

, there was a little girl that came up to me smiling and happy and without hesitation she held her arms up to have my pick her up. As I looked at her cute little face all I could think was, how could I say no to this adorable little girl? I picked her up, and I was so wrapped up in how cute and happy she was to just come right up to a stranger and have me hold her, I didn't even think about If the parents would be upset or not. Luckily they were fine with it, but it made me think how amazing it is that the little girl didn't see lines and boundaries and red tape, she saw people that she could love and trust enough to have them pick her up. Instead of letting society decide who she should love and how she should act, she let her heart show her the way. As adults we have been told we need to pick and choose who we think is of worthy of love. We let society take away our childlike innocence that tells us everyone is deserving of our love. Can you imagine what an amazing world this would be if we all just went back to how we were as kids, giving our love to everyone we see!?


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